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Fear The Walking Dead's Nick Stahl Talks About New Villain Teddy And His Underground 'Cult'

Fear The Walking Dead's Nick Stahl Talks About New Villain Teddy And His Underground 'Cult'

Warning! Major spoilers ahead for Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode.

Even though Fear the Walking Dead shifted from the anthological episodic approach that made the first batch of episodes so unique and celebrated, I'm still certain Season 6 is the zombie drama's best run yet. Episode 11, titled "The Holding," kept those views in place with its highly-anticipated introduction to the villainous "End Is The Beginning" group and its bearded leader Teddy, played by Smallville vet John Glover. As some of the best antagonists in the zombie franchise, this cult-esque group isn't completely evil, even if it's inspired by ideas that initially sound crazy.

Talking about the group, the series' new recruit Nick Stahl said, "Oh yeah, the group, the cult. You might call it that. We have our own thing going on underground, a little club. Truthfully, I was really happy when I finally read the scripts to see that it had sort of a distinct flavor to it, to these episodes. And it kind of switched the pace up, maybe, from the show up until this point. For me, I sort of try not to [moralize it]. It's hard if you are looking at your character from a standpoint of 'this is good or bad or 'this is black or white.' Because the fact is, as with a lot of cults - I believe with a lot of groups like this - I don't think they necessarily think they're doing harm, or doing anything bad. The group has a distinct philosophy and they're defensible in a way, given that the world is in ruins, basically. The main characters kind of encounter these guys, and they seem to be self-sustaining. They have camaraderie. They have food and shelter and all these things, and they have sort of a very purposeful outlook. So, you know, given the alternatives, I always kind of viewed it like if I was to encounter a group like this at a time like this, what they have to offer is somewhat attractive."

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