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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’s Composer Explains How He Made John Walker’s Deadly Moment Even More Terrifying

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’s Composer Explains How He Made John Walker’s Deadly Moment Even More Terrifying

This season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has ended, and it was truly an adventure for MCU fans. The series delivered plenty of intense, hilarious, and emotional moments, all of which were elevated by the beautiful score from Henry Jackman. The veteran composer had already given some great tunes to the MCU through Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War, and he did an excellent job once again in the Disney+ show. Jackman and his team had to deal with some major scenes including John Walker’s deadliest moment, which they were able to make even more terrifying through the music.

In a recent interview, Jackman said, "The fundamentals of the end of episode four, you know is going to make everyone just sort of gasp with horror. I knew, structurally, that was baked into it, and that something needed to happen to support that iconic shot of the shield covered in blood. We've come a long way from, you know, [Captain America: The] First Avenger, dispatching the Nazis. It was an interesting one. If you listen carefully to that section, after it becomes clear that Battlestar is dead, John Walker jumps out, and you know from the filmmaking in the edit that he's not a man in control. There isn’t wisdom in there anymore, he's on a vengeance mission… There’d been so much use of melody that actually if you listen carefully to that stretch from when he jumps out to the shield coming down, it was almost more like an unbearable horror kind of a tone. We experimented with a few things… there'd been a lot of melody in the show, and we found that a sort of unbearable stretch of expanding kind of horrific tone over that area lends it this kind of awful inevitability and gravity, where you're sort of simultaneously horrified thinking, ‘Please don't do this.’ And yet secretly knowing in the eternal stretching of the sound, there's something inevitable and like it is simply going to unfold in front of you pretty much as you'd expect, while you're also thinking, ‘Don't do it!’"

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