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Dave Bautista Explains Why The MCU Will Survive Without OG Characters

Dave Bautista Explains Why The MCU Will Survive Without OG Characters

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a behemoth in the entertainment industry after more than ten years of filmmaking, and the studio is showing no signs of slacking. Phase Four and beyond will be impressive as the universe moves on without Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff. But Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista doesn’t seem disturbed as characters depart, and he’s got solid logic about why the franchise will continue to thrive.

Although the fandom isn’t ready to say farewell to such a fan-favorite character, Bautista seems fine with it. As the Army of the Dead actor recently said in an interview, "I don't think it's a problem, because the Marvel library is so extensive. They're gonna have material to draw from for well after I'm dead and gone. I know Disney has purchased Fox, and the X-Men have a whole extensive life ahead of them. That's going to be a whole new universe. Their library is just too extensive. There's so much there that they'll never run out of material or actors or superheroes. When they're past that, people will look back and just reboot stuff." 

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